Written Scheme of Investigation for a Programme of Archaeological Works

Programme of Archaeological Works VisualWritten Scheme of Investigation is a method statement that clearly details and documents the process and approach to undertaking a Programme of Archaeological Works. Normally prepared as a response to a planning condition, a WSI defines how the archaeology and/or heritage works will be undertaken against set objectives and    in-line with local and national guidance.

To ensure that all parties and stakeholders are aware of the working practices to be followed, the WSI will specify what the parameters are in relation to the agreed works, including factors such as: method of works; research aims; milestones; targets; performance; legal requirements; health & safety; responsibilities; and timing.

AB Heritage consultants have many years’ experience in the design and management of Historic Environment assessments, and in the preparation of Written Schemes of Investigation as part of these works. We will help you to progress your development plans efficiently, ensuring you successfully meet your heritage planning obligations. Talk to us early for the best results.

“AB Heritage provided a Project Archaeologist to manage the South Wales A477 Improvement Scheme. They offered a supportive and proactive approach, consistently delivering high quality input into the Environmental Statement, Consultation, Public Local Inquiry and licensing processes”

Roy Emberton, Technical Director, Ramboll


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