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Heritage Statement

heritage statementWhat is a Heritage Statement?

This form of report establishes the history and significance of a site or historic asset, often with an assessment of its historic setting to ‘understand the surroundings in which it is experienced.’ Based on this understanding an impact assessment is undertaken to consider the potential for change to such factors because of a proposed development. The work can include a mitigation strategy to help guide beneficial design proposal changes, which help avoid adverse effects, or provide recommendations for works that can help minimise or mitigate such adverse effects

What does a Heritage Statement (HS) include?

While NPPF states that an HS can be ‘no more than is sufficient,’ it is important to provide a level of information that places the proposed change into context, to help maximise the chances of a successful planning outcome. To achieve this an assessment is made of the overall building, asset or site, with works typically including a site visit, examination of online historic data, research at the local record office, review of historic maps and photos, and consultation with the local authority Conservation Officer and national heritage agencies.

heritage assessmentFollowing this a Statement of Significance is provided, in line with relevant national standards and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Standard and Guidance for Historic Environment Desk Based Assessment. This examines the significance of a feature against Architectural & Artistic Interest, Historic Interest, Archaeological Interest, and Setting.

Where required an HS can be broken down into a phased approach, providing an early Statement of Significance to help guide the design teams early works and optioneering, with a later Heritage Impact Assessment on completion of the final design.

When is a Heritage Statement needed?

Typically, a local authority may request an HS report to support a Listed Building Consent Application, or a planning application where a heritage asset or its setting may be subject to change because of proposed works. This requirement is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and provides the local authority with sufficient information to inform their decision-making works.

“I have been provided a Heritage Statement from AB Heritage for my pub, which was listed Grade 2, and it did really help me to go further with the works I have wanted to carry on the premises. I will definitely recommend AB Heritage”

Mustafa Kama, Owner of Listed Public House


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