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Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement announced a consultation into new Permitted Development Rights, which would allow any house to be divided into two flats, provided the exterior remains unaffected.

While this statement sounds like a welcome relief for property owners and developers, it’s crucial to delve into the intricacies, especially when dealing with heritage and Listed Buildings.

At first glance, the prospect of Permitted Development Rights for these residential developments may seem like an open door for alterations, but for those dealing with Listed Buildings, the landscape is more nuanced. Buildings classified as Listed under the UK’s National Heritage List for England (NHLE), overseen by national heritage agencies, will require a careful and distinct approach. While planning permission may no longer be a hurdle for splitting a home into multiple dwellings, Listed Building Consent remains a crucial aspect of the process.

Listed Building Consent safeguards the historic and architectural significance of these buildings. It comprehensively covers the impact of development upon a building’s historical architecture, plan form, fabrics, and materials. Not obtaining LBC for alterations is a serious offence, bringing potential fines and possible imprisonment. Permitted Development Rights to convert a house into two dwellings does not grant permissions for internal modifications to Listed Buildings.

Engaging a Heritage Professional is Key

Heritage Consultants can help clients navigate the complexities of Listed Building Consent, ensuring that projects respect historical significance while meeting modern requirements.

AB Heritage emphasises the importance of seeking professional advice early in the planning stages and ideally before finalising designs. By doing so, property owners can proactively address potential hurdles and ensure that their projects meet current heritage legislation. striking a balance between functionality and the protection of historical significance.

In conclusion, while Jeremy Hunt’s announcement may ease planning permission concerns, it’s crucial to emphasise that Listed Buildings operate within a distinct Legislative framework.  AB Heritage is a professional and leading Heritage Consultancy operating within the UK. We would be delighted to discuss your plans for redevelopment of your historic building.

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