Initial Site Heritage Appraisal

AB Heritage has developed a very targeted and early form of rapid assessment known as an Initial Site Heritage Appraisal. Produced during the earliest stages of a project, these informative documents are used during the client’s / design teams decision-making process to guide site purchase, early risk assessment and outline design proposals.

Initial Site Heritage Appraisals have been created specifically to provide a broad overview of the known heritage risk on any land being considered for development. 

Unlike more detailed assessment tools, these products do not involve site visits, trips to archives and record offices, or order of 3rd party data, all of which would add costs and slow the process down. Instead, this quick turnaround, highly focused pre-planning report draws upon readily available online data sources, putting our clients ahead of the game in understanding what issues they may face in relation to the Historic Environment.

Assessing whether there are known designated archaeology or heritage assets on site, while at the same time creating an early understanding of the historic development of a building or plot of land, the report is able to provide outline options to avoid known risk where possible, or create a plan on how to progress through planning in relation to archaeology and heritage. The document also provides a useful addition for our client’s risk registers and early budgetary planning, as well as negotiations as part of site purchase/sale.

AB Heritage always advise clients to consider the potential project impact of archaeology and heritage at the earliest possible opportunity, to avoid later costly delays. With these Initial Heritage Site Appraisals, we are providing the exact early warning system they require, allowing them to best tackle potential risk associated with the Historic Environment on their development sites.

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