Haringey Schools

A focus on windows for these conservation projects.

AB Heritage was commissioned to produce Heritage Statements to cover the replacement of the windows at Brackenbury Primary School, a locally listed building of merit located in a Conservation Area, and at The Kenmont Primary School, a Grade II Listed building, both located in Haringey.

For each school, the proposal was to replace the existing single glazed Victorian windows throughout, with new timber double glazed windows with traditional weights and pulleys, and matching period profiles and proportions. The windows were to be traditionally fixed within existing brickwork, retaining the existing depth of reveal.

Brackenbury Primary School

AB Heritage undertook a thorough review of the history of the building and its surroundings to assess heritage impact. The proposed sympathetic replacement of the windows was considered to be beneficial for the school building as they would help to preserve the historic fabric and significance of the building for the future and ensure that the building remains a  prominent element of the surrounding streetscape within the surrounding conservation area.

The Kenmont Primary School

Under the proposals,  the removal of the original windows required the removal of part of the original fabric of the building, however it was assessed that these elements were no longer fit for purpose, and detracted from the overall aesthetics and significance of the building.

The proposed replacement windows, being like for like timber units with traditional sash mechanisms and fixed to the historic fabric in a traditional manner, was sympathetic and these replacements would preserve and even enhance the significance of the building. The recording of the existing windows, via a photographic survey was recommended prior to their removal.

Overall, the very slight impact was weighed against the benefits of improving the visual appearance of the external elevations by replacing or repairing damaged fabric. No further work in relation to heritage was recommended.

Images: Top: Brackenbury School, Bottom: Kenmont School.

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