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Grade II Listed Cottage, Burton Overy

The NPPF requires local planning authorities to request descriptions on the significance of any heritage assets affected by a proposal, including any contribution made by their setting.

AB Heritage was commissioned to produce an Archaeology and Heritage Baseline Assessment covering proposed works at a Grade II Listed Cottage in the Burton Overy Conservation Area. The property was near to the Grade II* Listed St Andrews Church. The late 18th century house is a well preserved and handsome red brick façade property, displaying typical Georgian period features and proportions. The rear of the building shows evidence of rebuilding and alteration. Internally the house has largely retained its planform and original staircase but has been modernised in some areas.

The report was to inform a Planning Application and advise on a phased approach for works to upgrade internal facilities, repair external pointing, and replace some later external additions. As such the report would assess the impact to both the built heritage asset and the potential for archaeological remains.

Internal works would benefit the buildings condition

AB Heritage’s consultant concluded that the proposals to modernise the internal facilities would not cause detrimental impact and would improve the condition of some of the dilapidated areas such as the basement rooms.  However, a Listed Building Consent Planning Application would be needed to cover the specific works.

External works required further assessment

Our research concluded that there was potential for archaeological remains relating to the Medieval village and/or St Andrews Church, to lie within the site boundary. The impact of any proposed development would depend on its final location, scale, and the groundwork design. However, where the proposed development fell within the footprint of existing buildings on the site, it was concluded that the impact would be minimised. 

The baseline report would be used to advise on the later design stages of the application.

The research gathered from the professional study of the property and its setting in the form of a baseline report, would enable our client to progress their renovation works to align with Planning Legislation, minimise heritage impacts where possible, and control costs.

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