Fullerbrook House, East Staffordshire

The importance of an accurate assessment of harm and heritage significance in planning

AB Heritage was appointed to produce a Heritage Statement on the Grade II Listed residence of Fullerbrook House in East Staffordshire. The owners were looking to open up a room at the rear of the property with a small summer-house style extension.

Feedback from the Local Planning Authority on the initial designs had raised concerns that the works might be harmful to the heritage significance of the property, necessitating an expert assessment. AB Heritage conducted research and a site visit to develop an understanding of where Fullerbrook House derived its heritage importance, and how the proposals were likely to impact on this.

Not part of the original building

The existing room to be altered was identified as being a likely 20th century addition, and not part of the original building. The new design was also considered to improve on what was a characterless pastiche of the main building.

Due to this, while it was recognised that the new extension would alter the existing visual baseline of the asset, and that any perceived harm would be outweighed by the benefits of the high-quality design of the proposal. As such, no further work was recommended.

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