Are you preparing works to your heritage property?

Below are some FAQs for historic building repairs and renovation to give you a head start.

Medieval Farmhouse, Heritage Statement


Sussex Farmhouse

There is an important duty of care in managing the upkeep of a Listed Building that can require Listed Building Consent.  Consultation with your Local Planning Authority (LPA) or Historic England before starting works is sensible and pre-application advice can often be accessed for free, or only a small fee.

We hope the information below helps to guide your project and prompt new thoughts about your specific property requirements.

Once your plans have progressed to Planning, AB Heritage consultants would be delighted to assist your heritage works application to help achieve the necessary consents.

Where can I find out if my building is Listed?

There are different sources of information on Listed Buildings in the UK. Please see below for the one appropriate for you.

England: Search the List – Map Search | Historic England

Scotland: Site Search | Canmore

Wales: Coflein – The online catalogue of archaeological sites, historic buildings, industrial and maritime heritage in Wales

Can I install uPVC windows as replacements for original windows

For Listed properties, authentic windows and doors are key elements of the architectural and historic special interest of the building. They contribute to the character of any property. Proposed works that may affect the special architectural and historic interest of a Listed Building will require Listed Buildings Consent. Where a building is not Listed but is located within a Conservation Area, Planning Permission for upgrading and renovation works may still be needed. These works are covered by Article 4 Directions. We have prepared a blog of useful detail that can be read here.

I have a Listed Property. What redecoration may be permitted?

If your property is Listed or in a Conservation Area, you should seek early guidance before making any changes either externally or internally as consent may be required. You could make contact with your Local Planning Authority Conservation Officer for advice, or visit the Historic England website Advice pages.

Can I extend my Historic Property?

Planning Permission may be required. If your building is Listed it will need Listed Building Consent. There is no general rule covering the maximum increase in size of a building with a new extension, if it is permitted. However, an extension should respect the character and dimensions of the original building. Sometimes an extension can be used to correct previous poor additions to historic properties, so thinking about complementary designs could be an important early step. Your Local Planning Conservation Officer can advise at pre-planning stage. Heritage Consultants, like AB Heritage, can assist with active planning applications to help clarify important features of heritage significance that can help shape designs.

Where can I get advice about repair and maintenance for my historic building?

There are many sources of detailed information about how to look after and maintain older properties including from Historic England. Some forms of repair and maintenance may require surveys to be undertaken and replacement of historic fabric and material may require specific planning permission. Conservation specialists can be approached for further advice on the treatments of fabrics and materials. A good source for specialist suppliers is The Listed Property Owners Club.

Do I need to consider the impact to trees when planning redevelopment?

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) deal with all planning matters relating to trees and hedges. Before carrying out works to trees you should always check with the LPA whether consent is required. Individual trees may be protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or more generally if they are within a Conservation Area. If trees are protected then consent is required for works to be done to them. Information about these consents is given in the Historic England Heritage Protection Guide.istoric