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The Brown Field Land Release Fund Round 2

The Government’s One Public Estate (OPE) has partnered with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) to deliver the Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF). 

This Government funded programme enables councils to bring forward their surplus land for new homes.  As part of the Government’s strategies for Levelling Up this acceleration in housing development will see qualifying regional councils able to bid for a share of £60 million in this round, to release brownfield land to build houses for local communities. The target for this round is to achieve 5,800 new homes.

What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get

Progressing a complex brownfield development with possible multiple hazards and contaminants, requires  full and early assessment of all risks to be undertaken. So, not considering potential archaeology and heritage risks could be a costly misstep. Accurate assessment of the historic value of a development site has to be an early task, because what you see is not always what you get. Below ground archaeological deposits are not always easily identified. While the setting of on-site or nearby historic building may not be immediately apparent,  it may need to professionally evaluated and the risks mitigated through design changes and possibly further heritage works.

Sure-Footed Project Management

AB Heritage, is a professional heritage consultancy working across the UK. We recommend a phased approached to heritage assessments.  Reports such as Initial Site Heritage Appraisals, Heritage Statements, Archaeology Desk Based Assessments and Historic Building Recordings are all early tools used to better understand what may be present on a site, including the significance of any such features. This will allow for sure-footed project management through the life of the development.

Controlling Heritage Risks and Project Costs

If either further archaeological investigation or mitigation is required as part of a planning application these works can include services such as geophysical survey, detailed site walkover, trial trenching or archaeological excavation.

A professionally compiled Written Scheme of Investigation will guide the extent and methodology of such services. The most cost-effective phasing of works will be designed by a professional commercial heritage consultant. This is done by targeting and scoping the most appropriate route through all stages of the planning process. Early assessment can help to mitigate heritage constraints, resulting in better control of long term costs and a reduction in potential project delays.

Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF2) Round 2 Details

This funding is aimed at helping Local Councils work with regional developers and construction firms to bring forward housing on more complex brownfield sites owned by councils, that would otherwise not have been possible within the next 3-year period.

Further information on the bid process can be found here https://www.local.gov.uk/topics/housing-and-planning/one-public-estate/one-public-estate-brownfield-land-release-fund-3

AB Heritage is a registered organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and collaborates with clients across the UK to help manage built heritage and archaeology as part of successful developments. www.abheritage.co.uk

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