Archaeology Desk Based Assessment

archaeology desk based assessment

What is an Archaeology Desk-Based Assessment?

An Archaeology Desk Based Assessment (DBA) from AB Heritage is the  key tool in  archaeological  assessment as part of a planning application, providing greater understanding of the known and potential archaeological resource within and in close proximity to a site.

These professional, non-biased reports provide a full Heritage Impact Assessment that identifies the potential risk to a project because of archaeology being present, creating a bespoke set of recommendations. 

What does an Archaeology Desk-Based Assessment include?

aerial map for heritage assessment

Produced by collecting data from a wide range of sources, a DBA  includes information from:

  • historic documents – such as photos, maps, insurance records, diaries, articles and government documents – held by Record Offices, Archives and Online Sources
  • Historic Environment Records
  • Previous Geotechnical Investigation works
  • A site visit
  • Previous archaeological reports and journals
  • Aerial photographs and LiDAR images held by various national repositories an
  • Consultation with the Local Planning Authority Archaeologist and national heritage agencies.

This data is fully assessed and provided within a professional report, which is fully compliant with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Standards and Guidance.

When is an Archaeology Desk-Based Assessment needed?

historic environment recordsAn Archaeology DBA is often requested where an understanding of the below ground archaeology resource is required as part of a planning application. This can be due to a request from the local planning authority, who require more information to inform their decision-making process, or as part of much larger works such Environmental Impact Assessment.

An archaeological assessment from AB Heritage in the form of a DBA helps clients successfully navigate the planning system in a way that balances the needs of development and the Historic Environment.

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