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Archaeological Evaluation Trenching

Archaeological Evaluation Trenching Visual of site

Archaeological Evaluation Trenching (also known as Trial Trenching) provides an on-site assessment to determine the presence or absence of archaeological features, structures, deposits or artefacts within a specified site. The information extracted from such works will include data on the character, extent, quality and state of preservation of any remains identified, along with their anticipated date and significance.

It is the understanding of the significance of any archaeology present, from a local, regional or national context, which is key to the development of an appropriate mitigation strategy as part of a Programme of Archaeological Works. Archaeological Evaluation

Archaeological evaluations are often commissioned as part of the progression of a planning application, providing invaluable insight to the potential for archaeological risk.

Archaeological Evaluation form of works are always agreed in advance with the Local Planning Authority based on a Written Scheme of Investigation and undertaken in line with Standard and Guidance for Archaeological Field Evaluation by the Chartered Institute for Archaeology (2014).

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