Wicks Solar Farm, Somerset

A Geophysical survey on a development site can be an easy and cost-effective way to assess potential project risk and help you to plan for any necessary mitigation work in advance.

AB Heritage were commissioned by Hadstone Energy to undertake a Geophysical survey on land near Lympsham in Somerset. The survey,  part of early assessment works for a proposed solar farm, identified likely archaeology across the site, together with examples of some past river channels within the site.

Wicks farm

Geophysics used to develop mitigation strategy...

The works were undertaken to prepare for a planning application, and AB Heritage's advice helped to develop an appropriate mitigation strategy to move the project forward. The nature of the development meant there was obvious scope to alter the footing pattern, micro-site some solar panel stands, and target mitigation to reduce any below ground impact and implement ‘preservation-in-situ’ in targeted areas.

Following a successful planning consent, AB Heritage assisted Hadstone Energy further, by designing and implementing a suitable scale of on-site evaluation trenching. To save time, these works were planned to run concurrently with other site investigations.

By engaging AB Heritage early the project benefitted from:

  • Swift identification of any possible archaeology within the development site area;
  • Accurately located, mapped and described potential archaeological anomolies; and
  • Early costed and scoped-down mitigation plans for further archaeological work necessary to achieve planning permission. 

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Image: Walking the site.