Week 8-9: Archaeology Call Answered!

AB Heritage Archaeology at Ysgol Bro Dinfwr

Work on site this week began with the continued excavation of areas 6 and 1a.

The better weather allowed us to clean and assess the central areas of RD1 and RD2. It was originally thought that the plough had destroyed all evidence of central features within the enclosure. However this was not the case. The central section's do have features in the form of a series of small shallow pits. It's likely these pits have also been truncated by the plough but their existence  has allowed us to better understand the site. The pits sadly didn't have any finds but did contains flecks of charcoal.

Work also began this week on our community engagement programme. Area 3 to the north of site was an area of known potential as previous work there had suggested an area of flint scatters. A call for local volunteers was put out in the local press and we were amazed by the response.

AB Heritage Archaeology at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr

On Saturday the 15th of March a community fieldwalk was undertaken. The day went without a hitch and was made all the better by brilliant sunshine. We were only expecting to find a few flint pieces scattered across the site. But the sun shone, the ground was dry, the volunteers who came along all had sharp eyes. Finding so many prehistoric flints in the space of a few hours was a great achievement and has really made a positive contribution to the archaeology of the site.

The size and type of finds points to a date around the late Mesolithic to early Neolithic periods – about 6,000 to 4,000 BC. These fragments of flint were left by some of the earliest inhabitants of the Tywi valley. There aren’t many tools which would point to a settlement on the site, but the finds tell us that there were people around here 7 or 8 thousand years ago, and that they used flint which must have been traded from another part of the country as it is not found naturally in the area. More work will need to be done to analyse this collection so that we can get the maximum information from all the efforts of our volunteers

The success of the fieldwalking means that plans to dig test-pits across the area will go ahead. This means more opportunities for local volunteers to join in, which is great news!AB Heritage Archaeology at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr