Week 6-7: Spring Has Sprung!

Work at YBD has hurtled into weeks 6 & 7 at record pace. Despite the wet weather we are pleased to report that the on-site archaeology team are stepping in to spring with some fantastic archaeology to get their teeth into; Smiles all around.

With the welcome and overdue appearance of some much needed sunshine a cluster of prehistoric cremation burials have been located. All have now been excavated revealing a total of 5 cremations, 3 possible or token cremations and several pits, which did not appear to contain burnt bone.

A roughly circular arrangement of shallow features are also associated these cremations, although the function of these features remain to be interpreted. A central feature with numerous surrounding stakeholes has also been found. The fills were very charcoal-rich and two of the features contained a large amount of degraded prehistoric pottery, possibly dating back to the Neolithic! Again, no burnt bone was present, but we were all really excited about the pottery, giving us some tangible dating evidence. It could be that these features represent plough truncated postholes, though again, further work is needed here.

Further to the south east of site a large NE-SW orientated linear feature was identified. Sections excavated showed the feature to measure c. 2 m wide and 1.2 m deep, with a V-shaped profile. Unfortunately, no datable evidence has been found so far, but there were occasional charcoal flecks observed.

Another circular ring ditch (RD3) is fully contained within the new area opened in week 6. It has a 2 m wide entrance on the NW side, but has been truncated by a modern linear cut on the S side. The ditch is of similar proportions to RD2 (see week 4-5), being c. 0.6 m wide and 15 m in diameter. As with the previous ring ditches, no internal features were observed but there are a number of small possible pits located to the SE; these will be investigated next week.

Do keep an eye on our works at YBD in our ongoing blog posts and, in the meantime, long may the sunshine continue!

AB Heritage Limited - Ysgol Bro Dinefwr Excavation