Archaeological Excavation & Watching Brief

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Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological Excavation is a programme of controlled, ground intrusive fieldwork with defined research objectives and tightly governed processes in relation to the investigation, recording and interpretation of below ground archaeological remains within a site.

The records compiled, and objects gathered during fieldwork, are subsequently studied and the results of that analysis published in detail appropriate to the Project Design. Archaeological Excavation is often termed ‘Preservation by Record’ and is usually the final stage of mitigation for a site. AB Heritage works with a small group of trusted and audited Archaeological Contractors to undertake these forms of on-site works.


Archaeological Watching Brief

Archaeological Watching Brief

Usually notified as a condition attached to a planning consent, Archaeological Watching Briefs are required when the site is known to have some form of potential to contain archaeological remains of lesser significance and/or where remains might have been heavily compromised by past development or other damaging impacts.

An Archaeological Watching Brief is also undertaken to guard against the possibility of unexpected archaeological finds being identified but is resourced so that development groundworks can move ahead without direct archaeological control. If remains are encountered during an Archaeological Watching Brief these are usually quickly and efficiently  recorded, without disruption to development works. The final report will be used to discharge the archaeological planning condition.



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