Former Ermine Street, Hackney, London


Kingsland House London

A Heritage Statement for a Listed Building in poor structural condition, in a Conservation Area

AB Heritage was commissioned to undertake a Heritage Statement for a Grade II Listed Building in East London as part of an application for Listed Building Consent. The building itself had suffered considerable structural damage from water ingress and the northern wall was in danger of collapse - being held together by metal bracing tied into the main structure.

Contribuition to the Conservation Area, but not a prominent building

In response to concerns from Historic England and the local Conservation Officer, our consultant demonstrate that, although the building had been constructed in the 18th century, very few historic features survived internally following the sub-division and conversion of the property into flats.

It was recommended that efforts should be made to preserve and enhance the exterior of the property, due to its contribution to the character of the surrounding Conservation Area. The area, now a very busy and in many ways unremarkable urban scene, follows the line of Ermine Street, a Roman road linking London with York, although no features remain. There are a number of similar Listed Buildings close by and this property added to the group heritage value of these locally Listed and undesignated buildings. 

Opportunities to enhance the builings heritage significance . . .

Through liaison with the project’s building surveyor, AB Heritage was able to offer outline design guidance and identify potential opportunities to enhance the heritage significance of the building through reinstatement of original features such as replacing intrusive modern windows to match the original, replacing uPVC drainpipes and guttering with cast iron.

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