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New Year's Message from Andy Buckley

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With the Covid pandemic challenges and a trade deal between the UK and the EU finally agreed, we can certainly look back on 2020 as one of incredible change and learning, and hopefully we can look forward to some positive times in 2021. At the same time as those events were unfolding on the national and global scale, I also became a dad for the first time, introducing a new way of living and the inevitable considerations of work / life balance.

It was to say the least a very full on year, and one we at AB Heritage feel fortunate to have successfully worked through, thankfully escaping the worst effects of this horrible virus that has caused so much misery and heartache.

Moving forward we start 2021 with some emerging rays of hope. A number of vaccines have been found to combat covid; the UK and the EU signed an eleventh-hour deal that avoids crashing out of Europe on WTO terms; the USA has elected an individual as president who seems more befitting of the role and who is looking to reinstate cooperative alliances; the business world becomes ever more used to operating flexibility and working remotely from a productivity perspective, as opposed to a ‘time spent in office’ perspective; and we hopefully have all been given a wake up call on what is important in these challenging times.

2021 is the start, I hope, of a new way of operating for businesses. Our challenge is to operate in cooperation, not competition. To look at what each of us can bring to a team and play to the best of this, as opposed to uniformly having people operate in a 9-5 desk-based capacity, because that is the way it has always been done. Our new start is one of open, honest and friendly communication with colleagues and clients alike, dedicating time to thoroughly understand each other’s needs.

If 2020 taught us anything it is that flexibility, communication, kindness, patience, and a more considered approach to life are qualities that can really help us progress through difficult times. I myself am hoping to take a piece of my own advice and have decided, after a 25-year career and over a decade of running AB Heritage, to start working more flexibly so as to balance spending more time with my family with working alongside my fantastic colleagues to continue to provide the quality and professional services our clients keep returning to us for.

The year ahead will certainly be one of transition, as we all get used to the changes of Brexit, finally start receiving vaccines, and take forward the elements that worked best from this difficult time. I will certainly be working to ensure that flexibility, communication, kindness, patience, and a more considered approach to life are important qualities to retain. 

Happy 2021 all, and my best wishes for a smoother sailing journey this year than last.

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