Haredon House, Sutton

Proposed developments within an Archaeological Priority Areas are often rigorously assessed.


AB Heritage Limited was commissioned to produce an Archaeology Desk Based Assessment (DBA) covering proposed development at Haredon House in Sutton, London, ahead of planning approval being sought. The site was located within an Archaeological Priority Area and any development proposals would be rigorously assessed in light of this.

Gaining an understanding of all local potential impacts 

To help our clients prepare for planning our consultants reviewed all of the known cultural heritage features within 1km of the centre point of the proposed development in order to gain an understanding of the potential for the presence of archaeological features, and assess the potential impact of the proposed development upon these.  Based on research and known historical development of the site and the surrounding area, our consultants concluded that there was limited potential for the recovery of archaeological material within the footprint of the building due to past impacts. 

Roman Archaeology was a possibility.

IMGP0086 (Medium)

However, Roman material, in association with the former Roman road, may still have been present in areas of reduced development impact.

In line with Development Policies, our DBA recommended that an archaeological evaluation should take place in an area limited to the proposed extension on the north-western side of the existing building, in advance of development., and in so doing was able to reduce the extent of potential costly evaluation and mitigation works.

Images: The external face of Haredon House from the south west.  Construction work underway beneath the building.
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