Cirencester to Fairford Cable Route

Geophysics was able to identify the best route for cabling to avoid additional project costs relating to archaeology.


AB Heritage was commissioned by ADAS UK Ltd, to undertake a geophysical survey covering a 13km 33Kv Reinforcement underground cable route, from Cirencester to Fairford.



mapCirencester to Fairford











geophysics plan2


The survey was undertaken to identify and map the unknown underground archaeological resource, likely to exist along the area of the proposed route. It was carried out across multiple areas of agricultural land, and identified potential archaeological features, likely to be from prehistoric to modern in date.


Survey details allowed an early mitigation strategy to be designed early in the life of the project . . .




The geophysical survey allowed for a quick effective method of being able to map clearly the archaeological resource that exists, and provide the client with ability to instigate an archaeological mitigation strategy early on.



It allowed for the pipeline to be diverted and moved in some areas to allow for a cheaper cost in the delivery of the project. The geophysical survey directly lowered the risk of project cost rising, as it identified unknown archaeological features, which had potential to hold up construction of the cable route.





Images: Top: Map of the route Middle: data from Report. Bottom: Surveying the site.




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