Heritage Statement / Heritage Setting Assessment

Heritage Statement / Heritage Settings Assessment

Local planning authorities will require an applicant to describe the significance of any heritage assets affected by development proposal including any contribution made by their setting. The Heritage Statement or Heritage Settings Assessment must be submitted with any application for Planning permission within designated conservation areas, registered historic parks or gardens, or which will affect known archaeological sites.

A Heritage Statement is required to accompany applications for Listed Building Consent. Applications for demolition of buildings within conservation areas should also include the supporting evidence and justification required by the National Planning Policy Framework.

Heritage Statement

A Heritage Statement covers the history and development of the asset with reference to survey drawings, a statement of the significance of the asset, an assessment of the impact of the proposed works, and a statement of justification for the proposed works, together with details of proposed mitigation. It will also include an appraisal of the setting for the asset.

Heritage Setting Assessment

An Assessment looks in more detail at a specified area. It can be included as an element of an Archaeological Desk Based Assessment, or as stand-alone report as required.

There are typically 5 steps that are followed for Heritage Statements / Heritage Setting Assessments. Our heritage advisors will be able to assess the best option, or requirements for your project. The steps identify potentially affected heritage assets and their settings; assess to what degree these settings make a contribution to the significance of the heritage asset; and assess the effects of the proposed development (beneficial or harmful); explore the ways to maximise beneficial effects and minimise harm; and document conclusions and monitoring.

Heritage works undertaken by AB Heritage comply with the Code of conduct and other relevant regulations of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. AB Heritage is a Registered Organisation of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and our consultants are individually accredited members.


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