Former Goods Yard, Bramble Lane, Wye

Desk-Based Assessments will describe the history of a site and pull together earlier studies to clarify potential heritage risks associated with a proposed development.

Bramble LAne Kent Online

For our client based in Kent, an area of disused former railway depot was considered an interesting site for a small housing development. The site was bounded by a railway line immediately to the east, with a railway station a short distance to the south. Precedent for a residential scheme was provided by a housing development immediately to the west. Our clients proposal was for Fourteen new dwellings together with a new roadway access, courtyard and landscaping.  A Desk Based Assessment was required to be submitted with the Planning Application.

A brownfield site across the millennia . . .

This brownfield development site lay adjacent to important early Roman industrial activity. Archaeological work in 2008 revealed extensive remains of kilns, burials, pits, ditches, post holes and other cultural material - most of which was unknown to our client.  As a result of the 2008 discovery, the LPA considered that there was a potential for further similar remains being present in the application site. The key question was had the much later railway development damaged or even destroyed such remains? Professional archaeological advice was sought assess the potential survival of archaeological remains to inform the LPA decision on the application..

Swift turnaround of final report . . .

Once commissioned AB Heritage Consultants undertook the DBA, which included a review of all known online data and previous works, review of documents at the local records office, a site visit, liaison with the LPA and the compilation of a fully illustrated professional report, within 4 weeks.

Clear way forward . . .

The Desk-based Assessment concluded a Medium to High potential for surviving Roman finds within the site boundary, although these may have been subject to a degree of truncation from the construction of the depot. Further Evaluation work was recommended.

Our Client was provided with a clear presentation of the likely scale of the survival of archaeological remains on his land. AB Heritage provided a justified recommendation that would allow our client to progress his planning application and be ready for tackling the next stage without any unforeseen surprises from archaeology.

February 2018 - Picture: Kent Online

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