Services & Products

Our team of professional heritage consultants is on hand to define and reduce your archaeological requirements. So even if you aren't sure what to ask for, we can guide you, and deliver only what is needed.

Underpinning every piece of work and advice we provide is our dedication to excellence. This means, as a key part of our consultants input into your works, you will receive:

  • The earliest possible design and project advice, to avoid or limit heritage risk.
  • Professional and considered negotiation with planning authorities and stakeholders, on your behalf, to identify the most opportune route to discharging planning conditions.
  • Advice on the underlying financial and programming implications of any requested work.

We are happy to discuss your project informally and if we can't help, we will say so, or sign-post you to others who can.

Please click below for further information, or call 03333 440 206