Heritage Assessment

Our consultants will guide you through your heritage planning needs - with the minimum of fuss to provide peace-of-mind.

We can assist with Heritage Statements, Historic Building consultancy or  Listed Building consent applications. Our range of professional heritage reports include:


Heritage Statement

John Bateman Plan of the Parish of Dudley undated (ref 1490c) - like

Heritage Statements establish the history and development of a building or site, to better understand the historic significance of such features and allow the most effective design works to take place to help achieve planning consent. These are required for Listed Building Consent Applications.

Case Study: Retail Outlet: Kingston Upon Thames




Detailed Heritage Settings Assessments


Detailed Heritage Settings Assessment  follows a step-by-step procedure to understand, document and assess the historic setting of a building or site. By understanding specific factors related to the historic setting of a site it is possible to assess potential impacts and benefits associated with a proposed development at the earliest possible stage, allowing the heritage consultants to guiding planning works to a more successful conclusion.

Case Study: Lambeth Road, London



Historic Building Recording Report


Used as a tool to understand a structure's historic significance and development over time. There are 4 survey levels that can be employed as part of an Historic Building Recording Survey, ranging from a high-level and scene setting appraisal (Level 1), through to a high detailed / measured survey of the building (Level 4). Whichever level of survey is required for your project they all play a specific role in assessing, managing and recording the structure as part of the redevelopment of a site. Our Heritage Consultants are here to help guide you on the most appropriate level for your needs.

Case Study: The Ritz Cinema, Wallsend


Historic Landscape Character Survey


Historic Landscape Characterisation provides a framework to inform further landscape survey and analysis, and to place other datasets, such as the Historic Environment Record (HER), within the landscape context. It can be applied equally to rural, urban and natural landscapes, including coastal areas and the sea, and usually starts as a broad-brush stroke review of an area earmarked as having development potential or for further research




Historic Lansdcape Surveys: Earthwork Survey / Topography


An Earthwork Survey / Topographic Survey produces a detailed map of above ground earthworks and other landscape features. Such surveys may be required prior to a development, to understand the landform of a site in detail, to help development design, or to aid in the preservation of historic earthworks.





Cultural Heritage Environmental Statement


As part of the production of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) there may be a requirement to evaluate and assess the impact of development upon heritage and archaeology, such assessments are termed Cultural Heritage Environmental Statement (ES). Schemes requiring an EIA are often complex projects where management of the Historic Environment forms an important part of understanding and managing change to the wider environment. AB Heritage consultants have many years’ experience of such works and are skilled at working closely with a client's multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the best possible outcome for works.



For more help with heritage matters, see also Archaeological Services



Heritage works undertaken by AB Heritage comply with the Code of conduct and other relevant regulations of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. AB Heritage is a Registered Organisation of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and our consultants are individually accredited members.




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