Learn at Lunch Heritage CPD Sessions


CPD Made Easy!

Professional teams value their CPD opportunities but for managers finding training content that precisely meets the needs of your business, at the right cost and to suit the schedules of your team, can be frustrating and time-consuming; it can often get pushed to the bottom of the To Do list!

We hope that our offer of ‘Learn at Lunch Heritage CPD sessions will enable you to meet some of your team's training objectives. These sessions are designed to best meet the requirements of your team, delivered within a lunch break and at your UK office of choice.

We are offering these sessions free-of-charge to valued clients. All we ask is that you arrange an audience of roughly between 5 and 10 people, and provide a quiet room with tea/coffee. We will do the rest, including providing a light lunch!

CPD sessions will be delivered by one of our specialist Heritage Consultants. Our team has extensive experience of delivering insightful heritage assessments and archaeological fieldworks across all sectors, working with planners, architects, engineers and owners on major infrastructure schemes to the smallest project.  

CPD Heritage Sessions

See below some of the sessions you could consider:

  1. Legislation and Protection of Heritage – your requirements within the Planning System
  2. Managing archaeology for successful projects - a phased approach
  3. Working effectively with your Heritage Consultant - it's about communication
  4. Consideration of Historic Buildings in development

How to Book

It's easy, just email Kim McDonald with an outline of your training objectives and a key contact for logistics and we will do the rest.

We hope to have the pleasure of meeting your team in 2018!