Listed and Historic Building Services

Owners, occupiers, or developers can all be subject to planning controls relating to Historic Buildings. This can cause project risk from both a programming and budget perspective.

To get the professional and appropriate solutions you need, speak to your AB Heritage consultants at the earliest opportunity. We are here to help guide and support you through the complexities of heritage legislation related to planning, to ensure project success. Our works include:

Heritage Statements for Listed Buildings

Heritage Statements prepared for Listed or historic buildings enable the significance and special character of a building or place to be understood in greater detail, allowing for proactive design and management to occur in the most effective way possible.

Historic Building Recording Surveys

Historic Building Recording is the primary tool for understanding a structure’s historic significance and development. An Historic Building Survey ranges from a high-level description (Level 1) through to very detailed measured survey (Level 4); all play specific roles in the assessment, management, and/or recording for posterity of a structure. Details of the 4 levels of survey can be found at the bottom of this page.

Listed Building, Heritage Statement and Historic Building Recording

Historic Barn

Listed Building Consent Applications & Conservation Area Advice

Whether it's an extension to a listed building, or work with a Conservation Area, give our team a call early in your project design phase. A Heritage Statement will be required to accompany all applications for Listed Building Consent.

Example Projects:

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